Thursday, August 11, 2005

Fire and Explosion in Spanish Fork Canyon

This is a KSL TV Photo
A truck carrying 35,000 pounds of explosives rolled over while negotiating a turn in Spanish Fork Canyon (US Highway 6). After the rollover, a fire started on the hillside next to the truck. It only took 3 minutes for the fire to set off the explosives within the truck.

The Crater
The Crater

Deseret Morning News Photo

What was left in the wake of the blast, was a crater in the highway. Seventy feet wide and up to 35 feet deep! Also truck parts were blown up to 1/4 mile away.

There were several injuries, 5 people were evacuated by medical helicopters to local hospitals. Many others drove themselves to hospitals for treatment. Fortunately there were no deaths, and no life-threatening injuries. In fact most, if not all of those hospitalized have been released from the hospital (12 hours after the blast).

Needless to say, the highway is closed. They are working on it 24-7, and hope to have it open in a day or two.

Location of Explosion
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Area Map

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Needless to say, you'll need to find an alternate route to Price, Utah, from Spanish Fork.

The Damages
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The Damages

Image from Deseret Morning News

In addition to the damages highlighted here, the concussion from the blast leveled many of the trees on either side of the canyon. a Motorcyclist who was riding close behind the explosives truck described the eerie feeling he felt as the concussion from the passed through body.

The 35,000 pounds of explosives originated from an explosives plant located some 25 miles away at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon. Authorities indicate that they will be presented with a (rather hefty, I'm sure) bill for all of the damages, emergency crews, medical bills, and repair costs associated with the blast.

The cause of all this -- apparently the driver was going too fast around the corner, and rolled his truck. Brilliant!

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All I can say is that if America had to inherit a massive crater, I'm glad it was under these circumstances.